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Terms and Conditions

Design Consultation Terms and Conditions


The Proposed fees will comprise of no more than 1 re-design during the design stage, thereafter  fees will be charged on a time basis for any changes.

Client Requirements

The client shall clearly and timeously specify his/her requirements and provide relevant information, decisions and instructions to the designer when requested. 

In the case of a change to a client's requirements, which is likely to vary the contract value, time schedule or professional fees, the designer shall promptly inform him/her thereof and confirm his/her agreement to any additional fees and supplementary services that may be required. 

Suspension / Termination of the Project

The client may at any time instruct the designer to suspend / terminate work on the project; this instruction shall be in writing and delivered to the address stipulated herein. Immediately thereafter the designer shall be entitled to be remunerated in full for services rendered and disbursements incurred to date of instruction.
Fees for incomplete stages will be calculated pro rata.

In addition, the designer shall be entitled to an administration fee of 7.5% of the amount payable by the client up to and including the date of suspension of the project.
Should work on the project remain suspended for six or more months from the date of suspension the project shall be deemed to be terminated. Should the work be resumed at any time after suspension of the project, the designer shall increase the overall fee amount for the remainder of the works by 7.5%.


The designer is entitled at any time to terminate the contract if it is impossible to perform the required obligations for the contract. Upon termination by the designer the terms of the above shall apply, except that the designer will only be entitled to fees and disbursements related to their products/services rendered up to the date of their notice of termination and no additional amount shall be due.


Where the design in relation to the project is undertaken by the designers agents or consultants, the designer shall not be responsible for the production of the design
solution, nor be liable for performance. Unless otherwise agreed, the designer shall not
be liable for fees due to such agents or consultants.


The project documents prepared by the designers are copyright and remain his/her
intellectual property.
The client has the right of use of the documents for the sole purpose of this agreement

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