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Style with Furniture

Choosing Furniture for your room has many pitfalls that can be very difficult to overcome but avoiding mistakes is a must, as it’s an investment that you don’t want to be wasting money on. I have a few tips that should be of help when you are designing your room.

When buying furniture always take the time to get the dimensions of each piece, cut old newspaper to those dimensions and place the newspaper on the floor, to give you an indication of whether the furniture will be too big or too small in the space you intend it to live. It’s amazing how the showroom can give you a mismatched perception of how the size of a piece actually looks.

I love to change around furniture to give my scheme a fresh look that makes me feel I always have something new. Adding and taking away little pieces when changing things up will give you an easy update. We all love accessories but it needs a careful balance to work properly. You don’t need to have all your pieces out at once; it’s the same rule as accessorizing an outfit; take a last look before you finish and take away one piece. Use your accessories seasonally, to keep your home feeling up to date all year round.