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At last summer is here, and as warmer weather approaches, many of us are salivating at the prospect of a sunny, seaside getaway. Although you might find it difficult to spend all your time at the beach trying to enjoy a balmy breeze and sand between your toes, bringing the feeling of a sunny oasis by decorating your home with an elegant and airy nautical theme can make you feel closer to paradise all year round. Here are some helpful tips for achieving this design.

I have always loved the colurings of the beach shoreline, it’s simple and marked by deep blues, stark white, soft beige and stone grey, and can bring a feeling of wellbeing by its very simplicity. Bright pinks, lime greens and luminous oranges have no place in this palate and would be both distracting and tacky. For a timeless and sophisticated design, choose natural nautical colours over bold garish ones.

The classic Navy and white stripes look great on walls, scatter cushions, curtains,throws and rugs–but choose only one. Over doing even one simple pattern can make your home look like a circus fun house. Instead, choose this pattern for only one element. For a bolder touch, throw in one or two contrasting colours–such as a bright red scatter cushion or a yellow vase.

Sea shells can be a great addition to your nautical theme as long as they are displayed neatly. Choose many different types of shells and arrange them in a vase or glass bowl for a subdued, organic piece. Be careful not to overdo the D.I.Y by painting or dying shells as this really can look kitsch, so stick to a natural, sun faded assortment.

Also, be very selective on nautical accent pieces. Ornate boats, anchors, paintings of sea life and netting give your space instant character – but use them in moderation to avoid looking whimsical. Choose one or two of these pieces. For additional storage with style, consider adding a distressed wood “treasure chest” or simplistic wicker baskets.

I am a big fan of the nautical theme in children’s bedroom design as you can be very adventurous, and feed their imaginations. But never forget that the most important elements of a beach themed home, like any home design, is comfort and unity. Follow these simple rules to treat yourself to a year-round vacation with a relaxed and beautiful nautical themed interior design.

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