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The fashion for interiors has turned away from neutrals, colour and pattern is back with a bang and not a minute too soon if you ask me. Turning away from the neutral palette is a great way to add character and give things their own personality. I am not an advocate for creating fashionable interiors that will date too quickly so I’ve put together a few ideas to bring a bit of fashion into your home with ease, and keep you bang up to date without breaking the bank.


'I'm seeing more and more floral inspired by nature, especially in cotton prints and wallpapers. Think large-scale patterns, vibrant blooms and big, bold hues. One way to create the best effect for this type of scheme is to use a fabulous vibrant fabric in either a curtain or roman blind and accessorise with a couple of scatter cushions, keeping the walls and furniture neutral. Another option is to create a feature wall with amazing wallpaper this will give you a spring inspired theme without being overwhelming, and choosing a paint colour for the other walls from the colours in the wallpaper will give the overall design a cohesive feel. A third option is to use painted wainscoting panels half way up your wall and use the wallpaper on top; this creates a very elegant effect and is also very family friendly.

You don't need to commit to painting the walls intense shades to have a room all about colour. For example, paintings or framed fabrics with various colours can create a theatrical backdrop for favourite pieces.


Clever use of colour can create a feeling of bright spring days from the minute you walk into the room.

Yellow is a fundamental colour for interior design simply because it’s the basis of a warm sunny side out appeal, it lifts the mood and brings a sense of fun. Using bright yellow creates an excitement when red or orange feels too strong or too dark. Yellow also suggests a freshness and citrus fruitiness. And using golden yellows can be a replacement

for gold.

The trick with working with sunshiny-bright yellow is selecting upholstery and accessories to match the walls. Find a painting or floral or patterned chintz that combines different bright colours, and use that as a guideline.

Not all strong colours are stimulating. Forest-green walls can blend beautifully with mahogany furniture, and the contrasting colours are comfortable because they're found in nature. Using a forest scene mural instead of just painting your wall gives an amazing effect and gives a constant feeling of a bright sunny day. As its found everywhere in nature it never goes out of fashion (Murals available from €55 at Aoki

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour as it is the best way to find the ones you love and make you feel at home. When in doubt about a colour, don't limit yourself to small colour chips. Paint big sheets of cardboard and prop them up in the room in question. Colortrend have A4 sheets of their paint colours, this gives you a better idea of what it's going to look like and use this sheet to shop for accessories.

. Top Tip of the Day

Call to AOKI INTERIORS to talk to our experts about selecting the most suitable option for your home.

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