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Essential guide to children's rooms

Comfort is hugely important when it comes to decorating children’s bedroom. We decorate or redecorate their bedrooms just because we want them to be comfortable and cozy just as we like our own bedrooms to be. Decorating their bedroom is a tricky task because we cannot put everything in their bedroom that we like. We have to be selective in this regard and only choose items that take up the minimal space but also leave it tastefully done and comfortable. We also have to keep in mind that we need to create a comfortable space considering the age of the child; his or her preference and it should always be reflective of his or her style choice. It is essential to keep it simple, yet tasteful so that it becomes a place where the child feels safe, secure and loves to spend time both doing their play/homework and sleeping soundly. With this in mind I’ve put together, in my opinion a few, the more important options that you can consider when decorating your child’s bedroom that shows your child’s personality while at the same time creates a safe and comfortable environment. You should always give prime importance when decorating your child’s bedroom to safety. The room should be free of any long cords, if you are using blinds and curtains always make sure that you install safety cleats on any free hanging cord. This is always a priority for us when we fit any blinds or curtains for our customers. No electrical outlets should be accessible to the child use safety clips that are available that make electrical outlets safe in your Child’s room.

Your children’s bedrooms have more than one function. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but too little light hinders other activities taking place there. Bedroom lighting functions ranges from low level lighting for restful atmosphere to bright light for activities such as homework and play. To help you properly light your children’s bedroom, consider this; can they see well enough to get dressed? Is there a light in the closet? Are there individual reading lights on each side of the bed? Is there an overhead light source? Do they have enough light to do their homework without creating shadows on their work