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Blinded by Choice

Today, blinds come in a huge array of colours, styles and fabrics, from solid colours to colourful patterns and stripes. New blinds can offer a distinctive if not refined look to your windows. Like curtains, blinds represent sizeable areas of space and present an opportunity to enhance the interior look of any room in your home. On the other hand if you need kitchen blinds then there are more practical options available, but which if matched correctly can equally add character.

What are the different types of window blind, I hear you ask? And how do I know which to choose? I’ve put together a list of a few of the most popular blinds and the best way to use them.

Roller Blinds are easy to use and versatile for almost any room. These blinds offer excellent light control with a translucence of lovely filtered light effect - perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. These are also great to maintain some privacy if your window overlooks a more public space. Designs for roller blinds can be bold or sedated blocks of colour or fun patterns such as colour spots or stripes or prints. Perfect for small and large windows and they can be fitted within the recess.

Extensive range of roller blinds available at Aoki Interiors.

Roman blinds are great for privacy, and can be the perfect choice if you enjoy the look of greater texture and substance in your window. Each Roman blind has fabric folds that gather as you raise the blind giving your window space a feeling of richness and elegance. Fabric choices for these blinds are endless and come in a variety of popular rich colours and even with attractive print designs.

Vast array of Roman blind fabrics available at Aoki Interiors.

Vertical blinds are ideal controlling light over a doorway or window and especially over sliding glass doors and other kinds of rooms or situations. You can hang them in a dining room, bed rooms or in the living room and give the look a distinctive feel and because of the vertical slats can make the room feel higher. These commonly came in white or shades of cream but now we have many options of colour and texture, in variety of sizes to suit different rooms. Some blinds do also come in various materials such as vinyl or fabrics in a smooth and embossed texture finish.

Venetians come in a wide variety of colours to suit different tastes from white, black to blues and natural tones such as a simple timber finish. It is easy to control the light with opening up slats to let in more light. Venetian designs can cast attractive shadows across the room and especially with the timber finish can add warmth to an interior. In wetter rooms such as the bathroom or toilet, PVC or aluminum blinds would be more appropriate.

Huge variety of Venetian blinds available at Aoki Interiors.

Pleated blinds are a fabulous way to dress nearly any window shape, particularly suited to cover sloped windows and conservatories, no matter the shape or size. They fit snuggly onto the glass giving you light control and privacy. Simply push up to raise and pull down to lower. Your pleated blinds stay right where you put them.

Extensive range of Pleated blinds available at Aoki Interiors.

If blinds simply aren’t your thing, then there is no end to the choices when selecting a great pair of curtains whether you opt for readymade or handmade- and there are some great fresh exciting designs for children’s curtains too.

The great advantage with curtains and roman blinds is the choice. Opt for plain curtains in a colour that highlights patterned wallpaper or even layer two colours of curtain together to achieve a luxurious, even theatrical look. Go for a floral-patterned curtain not only for their fabulous designs, but to prevent expansive windows from appearing too bare.

Thousands of curtain and upholstery fabric available at Aoki Interiors.

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